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Diane Stein

Diane is a retired pediatric neurologist, turned chocolate maker and chocolatier. 

Her passion is sharing how regional cocoa beans impart unique flavors to chocolate - like nothing you have ever tasted before.

Why Zise?

We favor rare beans that were raised in the shade of rainforest which would not survive if the forest was cut down. By paying more for fine heritage beans, craft chocolate makers and folks with good taste are helping to protect the forest. 

Eating standard chocolate, once you know that it likely was farmed and harvested by indentured / slave and child labor, just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. To throughly enjoy chocolate, Zise only uses beans grown and harvested in a farmer centric manner such as fair trade or direct trade.  


Please find other craft chocolates to enjoy - not just for their amazing flavors brought out by experts in choosing beans, roasting and small batch processing of chocolate, but also so that you can feel good as you promote social justice and environmental sustainability.


Ingredients Matter

As a physician--Diane knows firsthand how important diet is and how changes in diet has helped many patients and herself.  Her friends and family on restricted diets and even those on chemotherapy are able to eat and really enjoy great chocolate made with the fewest purest ingredients. 

 We are delighted to offer them to you including: 

  • Dairy free, Vegan "Mylk" Chocolate:

    • Gianudja with hazelnut instead of milk

    • Oat Milk Chocolate: vegan, made without nuts & diary

    • 70% Dark Chocolate: just chocolate and sugar

Thank you for supporting Zise Chocolates!






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