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Tastings & Events


Taste the
Untamed Rainforest

Diane Stein leads your group in a unique chocolate tasting in Orange County, CA where she shares her handmade rare, native and wild chocolates from around the globe.

She makes her chocolate locally with sustainably, ethically sourced ingredients with only transparently traded cacao. With each scrumptious bite she will teach you to taste chocolate like an expert. We can explore how chocolate is grown, harvested, and made to be the smooth decadence she brings while honoring the land and farmers who live and harvest from it.

More Chocolate Events

Taste the Untamed Rainforest is just the start! Come back for: 

  • Chocolate Tasting Encore: Different Terroir, Different Flavors

  • How Chocolate is Made

  • Socially Responsible Chocolate Passover Seder

  • Bespoke Program 

What is Included in the Untamed Tasting?

  • Tasting pieces of artisanal, micro-batch, sustainably sourced chocolates. 4 Zise Classics (Vanilla Bean, Milk, 62% Dark) and 4 Rare / Wild Single Estate Dark. 

  • 30 -60-90 min Diane Stein, Zise Chocolate Maker, Educator

  • Chocolate Tasting Guide

  • Chocolate may be purchased after event if wished

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Our Quality Cacao 

Organic Fair Trade Ecuador Nacional
and Rare Fine Cacao Varieties 

Our go-to cocoa bean is Organic Certified, Fair Trade Ecuador Nacional, an internationally prized bean for its flavor and quality. We also make chocolate using nibs from Single Estate (single farm, very small regional) beans. These are rare fine cacao from small farms or preserves where the cacao trees typically grow in the shade of the rainforests. Zise invests in beans from ethical farms with transparent processing to support the rainforest regions and those who work and live there. 

Zise was started to give excellence in taste and quality while avoiding child and slave labor which is, unfortunately, still producing most of earth's chocolate. 


The unique flavor from regional cacao raised in the shade of the rainforest

Take your time to really taste what chocolate beyond the candy aisle tastes like.

Ever eaten chocolate with dried cherry finish-- yet the only ingredients are beans, sugar and cocoa butter? How about finding nuttiness in your mouth or smooth sweet dark chocolate without bitters or acidity? These are the exotic flavors Diane brings to tastings. Now you can do a mini tasting at home with Zise Chocolate Taster Flights which each has 4 individually wrapped portions of Single Estate Dark chocolate made with nibs from individual haciendas or small regions and cocoa butter and cane sugar. That's it: clean, pure simple ingredients that yield a the complexity of flavor similiar to that in fine wine

Take an hour (or more) with someone special to savor and compare them. Tasting card included. 

Regions represented in the Tasters Flight will vary.


Award Winning Small Batch

Artisanal, sustainable, clean and ethical chocolate, confections and more. 

Zise Chocolates takes pride in sourcing organic, fair trade / direct trade, sustainable & environmentally conscious ingredients, all without gluten, soy, or artificial ingredients.

Taste chocolate as it was grown when the Mayan treasured it above gold. 

Chocolates available for sale after tastings, by order and for pickup from Irvine, CA. See our current offering or call for a special order. 

Our Chocolates & Candies are always

Without Gluten

Without Artificial Flavors

Our Chocolates & Candies are also available:

Without Diary

Without Sugar


Without Nuts

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